Tuesday, September 23, 2014

College Kids Get Rich on Hookup College Dating App - HookupCollege.com

College Kids Get Rich on Hookup College Dating App - HookupCollege.com

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The new CollegeHookups App called Hookup College is driving college students wild.

It used cam chat technology to bring real-time real-life dating to college students.  Instead of waiting hours for texts from potential lovers and hookups, students can now chat face to face with the hot college girl or hot college guy of their choice.

These college cam girls make money off of tips from viewers.  Its a great situation, you can meet a hot girl and get paid for it!

CollegeHookups have never been so easy!  Join now at http://HookupCollege.com

It was rated the Best College Dating site by the Best Dating Sites Guide.

Hookup College was reviewed by College Social Life magazine.

College Startups discusses Hookup College's potential as a growing startup.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Get Rich Quick and Earn Extra Money with CampusStrippers.com

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rich quick and earn extra money is to sign up with Campus Strippers.  This popular industry is a very easy and safe way for Women to make money, especially hot College Girls.


The web cam business is the fastest growing industry online.  College Girls who need money for tuition and living expenses can earn money in the privacy of their own dorm rooms. 

Young Women are able to make thousands of dollars a month through sites like Campus Strippers - CampusStrippers.com!

Its really an unbelievable time in the economy.  Women are no longer shackled to low-paying jobs with little chance for promotion.  Instead, young women can take control of their financial futures and earn a lot of money safely and privately in the comforts of their own homes!

Its very easy for College Strippers to make money on CampusStrippers.com

Empowered women can earn their financial freedom today!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Get Rich Quickly with FreeBeerParty.com

We are proud to launch the Humor and Get Rich Quickly Blog called FreeBeerParty.com

This blog will focus on two main interests: Funny Stuff and Getting Rich Quickly

Stay Tuned for updates and remember to "Get Rich Quickly"

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Romantic Gifts for Women at AthenaToys.com (AthenaToysDotcom)

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Athena Toys is the premier Sensual toy store for women.  Find the latest and hottest products that can satisfy every woman's needs and desires.

Don't wait for a man to please you, become the strong independent woman you are.

Go to AthenaToys.com today!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wealthy Millionaire Tip of the Day: Build an Online Store

Here is a good suggestion found in the WSJ.  There are a lot of affordable e-commerce services such as Goodsie, Shopify, Storenvy and Weebly.  Selling your products on your website is an easy way to generate revenue and go directly to the consumer.

One good tip found in the article is take good pictures of your products!


Wealthy Millionaire Tip of the Day: Create a Blog

Creating a Blog is an essential and easy way to generate interest in your website.  If you are selling a product, having new blog content will show up on Google Searches, which helps SEO, and customer acquisition. 

Customer interest will be peaked because they know you are hard at work, instead of operating an abandoned website.  Potential customers may also be interested in learning more about you, your company, and your products before making a purchase, and a Blog is a great way to increase that familiarity that is found only in face-to-face contact. 

Having a blog is an essential way to build Traffic to your website.  Stale content and old content will not be picked up by Google searches, which prefers new content, which is deemed more interesting and essential. 

There are also other social media methods to build a following, such as through Twitter, YouTube Videos, and Facebook pages. 

There are several good Blog platforms out there such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumbler.

WordPress is the most customizable and widely used.  WordPress also has a lot of developers.  Wordpress can be built for free at Wordpress.org or you can purchase hosting on sites such as BlueHost.com for under $10 a month.

Wealthy Millionaire Tip of the Day: Create a Mailing List

In order to have a successful web business, it is essential to have a mailing list with a collection of customer e-mail addresses and potential customer e-mail addresses. 

Besides your web content, there may not be a lot of assets to your web company.  If you have a strong customer list, it provides you leverage with advertising partners and potential investors. 

Having a mailing list, through sites such as Mail Chimp, also gives you a sense of customer interest and customer tracking for your website and products.  You may get a lot of random visitors who visit your site or product out of curiosity, but if they leave you their e-mail interest, then that means their Buying Interest is high, and they will likely purchase products from you in the future.

I suggest using Mail Chimp at MailChimp.com which is a free mailing list service.